All Servers Update

Today we will be applying all the updates that were added to the test server a day ago. You can read more about these changes in the following news article:


In addition, the following changes will also be added based on the assigned server.


All Servers Patch Notes

  • Cosmetic Loadout System
    • We have added a hotkey that can be used to open and close the Cosmetic Loadout Interface. It can now be opened/closed using the Ctrl+C hotkey combinations.
  • The Reaper Event is now on Channel 2, so that all users can participate (not just the owners of the Turf). Please note on the Triumphus Server players level 201-350 may enter and on Mystic, players 201-300 may enter.
  • We have removed the minimum tribe member requirement for entering Islands/Turfs.


Triumphus Server Patch Notes

  • Materials
    • Due to the fact that many players had saved up raw materials on alt characters prior to the patch that locked materials, we have decided to TEMPORARILY unlock all materials on the Triumphus Server.
    • This change is TEMPORARY until we release the production skill system remake, so if players are hoarding materials. We advise you to either attempt to sell these, or place them on the correct characters.
    • Warning, once the Production Skill System Remake is completed, all materials will be locked again!