June 12 Update

Both the Triumphus & Mystic Servers will be updated today at 5PM ET for updates and patches.



  • The “Donation Box” has been renamed to “Mailbox”.
  • We have made a new system and interface specific to the Mailbox (it no longer appears in an NPC window).
  • This was needed as the NPC window was unable to support large quantities of Donation Items (it would cause a crash).
  • We have changed the appearance of the box itself.



  • We have reworked part of the Stats system, for the most part this should not be noticeable by players.
  • This has allowed us to fix an issue that was allowing users to fail upgrade attempts on max stat equipment (specifically items like the Edge Protector).


Disconnect Issues

  • We have been working to fix common “Disconnected Due to Network Error” issues.
  • After this patch, players who were experiencing this common issue should not be anymore.


Cosmetic Loadout System

  • When a user transforms, their cosmetic loadout will no longer display (until their transformation is over).
  • This will fix the issue where players couldn’t attack while using a Full Body loadout.


Soccer Event

  • The soccer event now gives the rewards to 5 random members of the party that won the event (not the first 5).



  • We have made it so the Black, White, Yellow, Blue, and Red “Cat” and Black, White, Yellow, Blue, and Red “Pig” pets can have their colors changed using the “Fodder” items in the Turf Shop.


Game Installer

  • We’ve updated our Game Installer to version 13, version 12 had some issues with the patch server.


Potion Limit

  • We have removed the subscription potion limit.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug from the previous update that caused some items to have a 2 Max Fantastic Uses while having 3 Current Fantastic Uses (an issue from the previous patch).
  • Fixed a very rare server crash that the Triumphus Server experienced a while ago.
  • We have reduced the percent magic defense of the Aplite Cap by 8 (this was supposed to be done in a previous patch, but it was one item that was missed).
  • After the release of the Cosmetic Loadout system, there was an issue with the “IndieGoGo Transformation Card”. It has now been fixed.