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Jun 10, 2017


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3 weeks ago

InSaNe Turf Battles Challenge!!

A new server starts at a given time.. for two hours it runs and the highest lvl at the end wins. All items and chars are deleted and the top 5 winners get a prize.

Just a thought

1 year ago

Hi GM, I do not know if you have any agreement with "Kanoran" or "Dynamix" "enemy" or are your old friends, but they have seriously affected the balance of the game. Maybe you do not know if they are accelerating or not. People are amazing and the video we send in the forums will be managed quickly deleted and probably none of them will notify you of these harsh operations but many of my friends because our speed of attack beyond the game has been exited from the game if they Continue to such a harsh attack game friends, I personally feel that our game will not be long-running, I hope GM in-depth listening to the player's voice, but such malicious behavior more than the three of them so-called, but hope GM immediately Stop, unless they are your super investors, then we little players can only silently endure, or quietly leave. Finally, I still hope this game can continue, because he has a lot of good memories.

1 year ago

Can you atleast transfer from rednasraas account char name Sanks items from bank to my main account ????