Terms of Service

Last Updated January 5, 2018

For the purposes of this contract, the following definitions have been provided to you:

  • Service: A Service refers to any existing or new service, product, and/or merchandise (digital or otherwise) that is offered & owned by Eonic Games Inc.
  • Services: More than one Service.
  • Terms of Service: The terms in which you must agree to in order to use any Eonic Games Inc Service.
  • Digital Item: Pieces of virtual/intangible computer data that is made visual within our Services.
  • Digital Items: More than one Digital Item.
  • Free Application: An application that is distributed for free.

By using any Service provided by Eonic Games Inc, you hereby understand & agree to be bound by all terms & conditions contained herein in this document. If you do not agree to all terms outlined in this document, you are prohibited from using our Services and must leave our website immediately.

The Terms of Service are subject to change, and we will make all attempts possible to notify you when the Terms of Service change.


To use our Services you must make an account. Our Services require that you create an account with Personal Information that you provide to us, this information must be accurate and the accounts that are used for our Services must not be shared with anyone who is not yourself (the owner of the account) we reserve the right to close down all accounts that violate this policy and ban them from using our Services.

If you violate these terms, we will not provide any support or pay for any damages that may be caused by the actions of sharing your account.

(You must have an account to use our Services. You must also not share your accounts, and you will not receive support if you do.)


All accounts registered with Eonic Games Inc are the property of Eonic Games Inc. Eonic Games Inc reserves the right to terminate all accounts for whatever reason that is seen fit. Eonic Games Inc are not responsible for theft of accounts by other users or as a result of clicking third party links, Eonic Games Inc will however permanently restrict access to our Services to anyone who breaks the Terms of Service by committing theft of accounts or digital items.

Sharing accounts is not supported; if you choose to share an account we highly suggest you take every security measure possible to protect your account. This includes making use of extra security features such as our account locks. We will not return any items that are lost due to shared accounts or friends/family that may have access to your computer.

(We can ban any account that we want, if your account is stolen we are not responsible)


We do not allow or tolerate the use of any method of cheating such as with (but not limited to):

  • Hacking,
  • Botting,
  • Macroing,
  • Bug Abuse,
  • etc.

(If you cheat, ALL of your accounts will be banned. Not just the one you used to cheat.)


We do not allow or tolerate exploiting of in game systems or mechanics. For example, players are not allowed to create alternate characters, accounts, or tribes in order to continue to control in game systems (such as Turfs or Islands).

(Don't use exploits.)

Real World Item Trading

We do not support or tolerate the use of real world item trading for in game goods or accounts between players. Accounts found to be in violation of this will have their accounts disabled.

(We don't allow players to buy or sell their accounts or items to other players; if you are caught doing this you will be banned.)

Digital Items

Eonic Games Inc provides digital items and Services to users. Eonic Games Inc is not responsible for loss of these digital items and is not obligated to return lost items that are not the fault of Eonic Games Inc.

In the case of bad player behaviour, we reserve the right to delete all digital items related to the user's accounts and use of our Services.

Some Digital Items may be returned to a user pending an investigation, if reported early enough.

(If you lose an item in the game, we will probably not give it back unless it was a due to a bug.)

Third Party Sites, Links, & Services

Eonic Games Inc permits you to post third party links on our Services. However these resources may contain links or content that can harm other users, when you access these websites, and you do so at your own risk.

Eonic Games Inc is not responsible for any damages or loss caused by third party links. Eonic Games Inc will take action if third party links are posted maliciously but are ultimately indemnified from all damages and losses caused by propagation of such third party content.

(You can post links to websites on our Services. If they contain harmful content, we are not responsible.)

User Created Content

Eonic Games Inc allows for the creation of content, our assets cannot be used for commercial products or services. The one exception to this rule is user made videos, media, or Free Applications.

Users are allowed to make money from videos that are posted on third party websites. All content that users create using assets or Services owned by Eonic Games Inc are hereby owned by Eonic Games Inc.

(Users can create content, they can make money from videos and Free Applications as long as they don't charge users, but instead receive donations. All content created by users using/containing our assets/Services is our property.)


Due to the nature of the Services Eonic Games Inc provides, refunds are unable to be processed unless we provide the wrong price for our Digital Items or Services. This is because our Services operate in real time; all Digital Items purchased are instantly applied to our Services and affect our Services.

If you still want to go ahead with a refund by forcibly disputing it, despite all of the aforementioned statements, we will have no choice but to ban your accounts, restrict any further use of our Services and delete all Digital Items related to you, and the accounts that have handled these Digital Items.

(We don't provide refunds because users get Digital Items instantly and it affects our Services. If you dispute it with PayPal or another payment processor, we will ban you forever and delete all Digital Items that were handled by your account.)

Social Interaction

Eonic Games Inc will not allow for any form of offensive social interactions or cyber bullying while on or using any of our Services. Failure to adhere to this term will result in disabling of your ability to interact with others on a social level, and in some cases the disabling of your account for a period of time.

Eonic Games Inc will not allow for any form of offensive social interactions or cyber bullying while on or using any of our Services. General guidelines of how not to communicate or treat others are as follows:

  • There shall be no personal attacks, sexist comments, bigotry, and/or racism allowed in chat.
  • Extreme use of profanity towards other users will not be tolerated.
  • Directing or linking users to pornographic, offensive, and/or personal websites is strictly prohibited.
  • Do not pester or provoke other users into breaking the rules. Both users will be punished.
  • Do not discuss religion or politics in global chat environments.
  • Do not speak badly about the game or try to convince other users to stop playing. This includes saying things along the lines of “game dead”.
  • No user shall try to bully another user out of accessing neutral & non-competitive in game content. This includes continuously removing a user from a group party, urging other users to prevent a specific user from advancing in game, and singling out a specific user repeatedly. Users are required to submit video or photographic evidence that irrefutably shows violation of this term.
  • Do not openly discuss account statuses or request information on yours or other users accounts, this should only ever be done via whispering a Moderator or GM or opening a Support Ticket on the account in question.
  • Failure to adhere to these terms will result in disabling of your ability to interact with others on a social level, and in some cases the disabling of your account for a period of time.

(Be nice to other people, don't be offensive or bully someone. If we see that you are being purposefully and hatefully mean you will get muted or even banned in extreme cases.)

Prize Winnings

Eonic Games Inc, may hold various events & contests in which users may be eligible to win prizes. In order to be eligible a user must be in good standing with Eonic Games Inc & willing to provide the following minimum Personal Information:

  • proof of identity (such as a Driver's License),
  • full legal name,
  • address.

Prizes are subject to change depending on the prize winners country & delivery availability.

(Sometimes we have contests where you could win prizes. Only players who have never been banned are eligible for these contests, if they are willing to provide us with information. It may be impossible to ship prizes to certain countries; in this case other prizes may be chosen by Eonic Games Inc.)

Legal Action

By using Eonic Games Inc and our Services you agree not to engage in legal action in regards to loss of accounts, use of assets, monetary damages or otherwise, or loss of virtual data. You also agree that you do not represent any legal agency, are related to any legal agency, and are not from, or have links to such agencies. You also agree that you have not been hired as a legal advisor for any user or entity related or unrelated to Eonic Games Inc and our Services.

(By using Eonic Games Inc and/or any of our Services you agree to all the terms. If you don't, don't use our Services!)