May 30 Patch Notes

General Changes

  • Players can no longer send chat messages while they are dead.
  • There have been some minor localization changes.
  • Winter Restriction now clarifies that only players within range at the time of casting are debuffed.
  • The pulsing display radius of Winter Restriction now only extends to its damage radius; previously, it was pulsing beyond the damage radius. This was purely a visual change.
  • The crystals used to teleport OUT of Ghost Castle and Catastropha Island can now be used during the Nation War (if you are somehow in either island/turf).
  • Fixed an issue that caused non-Nation War channels to not teleport players out of restricted areas (such as Ghost Castle on Channel 3).
  • We've fixed a bug that caused buffs and debuffs from Advanced Skills to lose their effects until recast when leaving certain areas (such as Ladianes Castle and Rampao Storage).
  • We've fixed a bug that caused buffed stats to sometimes display the wrong values while a player is debuffed; this was purely a visual bug.
  • Added additional debugging to the Round Robin loot option.
  • Depending on their level, tribes can now have the following members:
    • Level 25: 25 members
    • Level 20-24: 22 members
    • Level 15-19: 19 members
    • Level 10-14: 16 members
    • Level 5-9: 13 members
    • Level 1-4: 10 members
  • Various content for Season 2 has been added but is disabled and won't be announced until Season 2 starts.


Prohibited 3rd Party Software

  • The game will now be closed if certain prohibited programs are running while the game is running.
  • Players are notified of the issue and instructed to either close or uninstall the problematic third-party software.
  • Players who continue to try to use this software will receive account punishments accordingly.

Backend Changes
We've made a wide range of changes to various back-end systems in preparation for Steam and Season 2. These changes shouldn't be noticeable to players, but they were necessary for integration with Steam, providing users with a more user-friendly way to receive critical information, speeding up future development, and modernizing/updating various third-party libraries used to develop the game's back-end. As always, should you notice any issues, please report them and we will look into it.


May 31 Patch Notes

General Changes

  • Fixed an issue that prevented new characters from joining parties.
  • Fixed an issue that scheduled the Nation War & Soccer Event 2 hours after the scheduled time (this also effected the Reaper Event & Hau Event, as they are delayed by the Nation War Event).
  • Help Guides have been updated to use UTC time instead of UTC+2.