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suggestions to Stone Fist

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Dear @shockdot,

The idea of stone fist is good, however I think it's misused or misapplied in this game. I think it should be removed from this game, or at least remove stone fist from fist warriors.  

You should rethink the original intent for creating stone fist, which I believe is to allow for players to be able to kill those class with fast moving speed.

But you don't seem to take into account of which class being more benefited from this change, the melees in my opinion, especially fist warriors. Firstly, melees are already given fast attacking speed and fast moving speed. If they root others, they can cast tons of damage to a non-moving target. If they got rooted, they can still get away with it if their gear is decent, because they have fast moving speed.

However, if you think more from a mage or an archer's perspective, these classes are very low in speed compared to fist and blade. So fist and blade are fast enough to chase up these class and do damage. If you root a mage or archer, it's not possible for them to tank with that little hp, and mages and archers won't run away from it. Therefore in a team fight scenario,  you are putting mages and archers in greater danger. And you are making fist warriors way easier to escape, tank and kill. 


If keeping stone fist is your preference,  I kindly suggest you to follow rules below to keep it more balanced:

(1)Stone fist can only work on enemies if the enemy target is moving at a speed that exceeds, say 150% move speed. And stone fist will not work on low speed moving targets. 

(2)For class with high attacking speed such as fist warriors, do not allow them to cast stone fist. Instead, stone fist shall only be casted and performed by blade warriors.

(3)Give all class the equal chance to escape from a team fight. 

Right now the fist warriors have way higher chance of escaping from team fight if you consider the above discussion. 


Thank you!


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I love this suggestion as fists can stonefeet and warp speed up to kill (or run away) as well as when AOF is popped a fist will likely kill any class other than a blade if stonefeeted (broken class).

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