May 29 Patch Notes

General Changes

  • A few Support Tickets/Forum Topics have made us re-consider island ownership. We have decided to make it so that if you own an Island/Turf, you will be unable to do any damage to your own Island/Turfs guardian.
  • ALL buffs will now be saved when the servers restart for updates (although the timers will continue). In other words, if you have 60 minutes left on a x2 Pet EXP Buff and we shut down the servers for 5 minutes when you log back in you will still have 55 minutes left on that x2 Pet EXP Buff. Please note this change will not be active for THIS restart, only all of them after this one (after May 29).


Level 12 Item Changes

  • Glacies Set Weapon Effect raised to 15% from 10% while using Ice Crystal.
  • Ablaze Set Weapon Effect raised to 15% from 10% while using Flame Edge.


Buff Changes

  • Due to popular demand/requests, we have made it so Crow Stingers & Solid Bows can no longer remove Black Touch; the Eonic effect simply does not get added if Black Touch is currently on the target.
  • Warp Speed can no longer be replaced by other buffs (such as Yellow Move Speed).
  • Due to us receiving multiple reports regarding Archer's inability to survive vs average Red Mages/Blue mages in situations where they should survive. We have decided to make Sylph able to stack with TC & Subscription MDEF buffs again. However, the amount of MDEF received from Sylph has been reduced from 10% to 5% (100 to 50).
  • We have changed the Gnome buff on archers so that it provides the 10% (100) MDEF buff that Sylph provided before, but does NOT stack with TC & Subscription buffs. So if you do not use those buffs, this would be the better buff for you.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented Mana Steal weapons from stealing mana when 0 damage is dealt.
  • Fixed a bug that caused users who renamed their characters to be removed from nations.
    Fixed a bug that caused new characters with old names to be assigned the old characters nation.
  • Fixed an issue with the Rue Island Guardian that made it able to hit players from really far away.


In other news....

Eonic Games is growing and so we need to adapt our tools to accommodate for that growth. With that said, over the past month we have been working on a completely new Launcher, the Eonic Games Launcher. You can read a little bit more about it and even see an early design of it on the following news article (

This new launcher will not only provide a cleaner & easier experience for you, the users, but will also be part of our plans to support multiple languages within Turf Battles. Yes, you read that correct. We will be adding an option to play the game fully in other languages. We will be testing this new feature using the 2 most common languages, other than English, used by our players (Chinese & Korean).

This is a rather large overhaul of how the server processes messages and sends it to you, which is why it is taking some time to finish. We've been steadily prepping the Turf Battles servers for this change since mid-Season 2. We expect to release this feature sometime in the next month or two.