June 11 Update

Frozenland War Changes

  • The Frozenland war will now ONLY be a draw if both the Ladianes & Veros War bosses are the same HP.
  • The winner of the Frozenland War will now be the nation that has inflicted the MOST damage to the enemy nation's war bosses.


Level 12 Recycling NPC

  • We have added a level 12 Equipment Recycler NPC to the game. It is located right next to the Jewelry Recycling npc's in Ladianes.
  • Players can exchange ANY 5 level 12 equipment items of the SAME type for a perfect stat version of themselves.
  • Perfect Stats are considered DEF & MDEF on armors, MSA/MA or PSA/PA on weapons, and MDEF/Block Rate on shields/protectors.


Level 12 Changes

  • Due to the popularity, both on the forums & off the forums, of this forum topic (http://www.eonicgames.com/forum/index.php?/topic/375-physical-defense-fix/)... We have reduced the bonus defense gains from having 4 items of the same level 12 equipment set equipped to 1% instead of 5%.
  • Due to the above mentioned DEF change, we have reduced the amount of DEF reduction from the Marked for Death debuff (from having the Aplite weapon equipped) from 15% to 10%.
  • Due to the popularity, both on the forums & off the forums, of this forum topic (http://www.eonicgames.com/forum/index.php?/topic/378-g12-weapon-difficulty-vs-reward/)... We have changed the upgrade rates associated with level 12 WEAPONS, as well as the safe rates on those same items. The recommended rates suggested on the forum topic were not realistic (moving the current 6-10 rates to 10-14), so we have made our own changes.
    • Level 12 WEAPONS are now safe until level 8 on ANY stat.
    • Level 12 WEAPONS upgrade difficulty has been reduced for stats level 9-15. As always, we don't release exact rates, but these levels should be more easily obtained.
    • Level 12 ARMORS have NOT changed, they will be changed in Season 4.
    • The level 12 weapon upgrade rate changes will ONLY be available on the Season server until Season 3 is over. Then they will be moved over.


General Changes/Fixes

  • We have made it so the Reaper event will not start during the Frozenland War.
  • We have fixed a bug that prevented error displaying when you changed your password on our website using the Change Password option on your profile, while logged in.